drvishaalbhatDr.Vishaal Bhat, MBBS,MD graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum in 2003 and completed my post graduation in Pharmacology from Manipal Unversity in the year 2010.

I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal. The job profile includes conducting lectures for various faculties including students undergoing the MBBS and BDS Twinning programs, Students undergoing undergraduate and post graduate training at the School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal and also participating in Clinical research activity.

I have previously for a period of two years worked as a Tutor in the Department of Anatomy, JLN Medical College, Belgaum. Following that I worked as a Resident medical officer at the 50 Bedded, Mahesh Hospital, Brahmavar for 6 months. After my post graduation from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, I joined as an assistant professor at the Department of Pharmacology, KMC, Mangalore. I was awarded A++ appraisal during my teaching period there.

In my spare time I am an avid medical blogger and  a microblogger.

I think medical professionals of the 21st century have to be ready to meet the expectations of e-patients and believe e-patients will change the way medicine is practiced and health care is delivered.

You can contact me via the following links:
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